Proud moment! Bingel Raket is nominated as Trends Digital Pioneer! We built this tablet app together with VAN IN to fully benefit from the materials available in schools and provide an answer to the needs of a class full of very diverse pupils.

With the Digital Pioneer awards, Trends celebrates six organizations that have realized a digital transformation in one of six categories: sales, marketing & communication, business support & logistics, customer happiness, new business models and manufacturing.

The Bingel Raket app has been made available from this year onwards to schools throughout Belgium, but also in other European countries. For some time now VAN IN has been using both paper learning tools and their digital environment Bingel. Thanks to Bingel Raket VAN IN and icapps are now really introducing personalized education in schools.

How does it work?

We warmly invite you to come visit us at the Trends Digital Pioneers awards night for a full demo of Bingel Raket. But in short: this is how Bingel Raket works. Pupils scan a page in their workbook to access additional exercises tailored to their level. This means it’s perfect for both pupils that have finished ahead of everyone else, and pupils that need a little extra training. Tablets are omnipresent in today’s kids’ lives. Bringing them into the classroom as well, helps them enjoy learning a lot more. Of course teachers can follow up on all individual pupils’ progress, and immediately remediate where necessary.


What was icapps’ added value?

We built the Bingel Raket app together with VAN IN. Although many children are so called digital natives, having grown up with smartphones, tablets and computers, simplicity was essential. We have a lot of experience building advanced, complex digital platforms with straightforward and clever interfaces. This is exactly what we also did for Bingel Raket, and with success. Lenny de la Fontayne, Project Manager for Bingel and Bingel Raket at VAN IN was very pleased with this project: “We did not just live up to our proposition, we went way beyond it.”

The whole story about the project and the result can be read in this interview with Lieven Bossuyt, Product Owner & Lenny de la Fontayne, Project Manager for Bingel and Bingel Raket at VAN IN.