Right after I published my blog on the linguistics behind chatbots, I was contacted by The Dutchess who was working on a podcast on conversational interfaces and wanted to interview me. I’m not used to giving interviews, but it was a really nice conversation and the result turned out to be great. In the podcast you will hear several experts talking about chatbots and how they are getting more involved in the daily life of humans (see below). As for my contribution, I talk about how natural language processing works, so you get an idea of the technology behind chatbots.

Listen to the podcast on chatbots here.



Efficiently Effective: beep beep boop! (hello world!) –> The experts interviewed

  • Sjoera Roggeman – iCapps
    Sjoera is a linguist working as a UX professional, and she is pretty excited about the developments towards conversational UI and chatbots. She tells us how natural language processing (half of the magic of conversational UI) works.
  • Filip Maertens – FactionXYZ
    Filip supplies the other part of the magic: the platforms that are capable of guiding a user through the right flow and machine learning. His company specialises in applied AI. 
  • Paul Davies – UX Probe
    With UX Probe, Paul develops software to test the UX of apps, websites and … chatbots! Because UX is everywhere, right? He explains what metrics matter.
  • Alexis Safarakas – Springbok Agency
    Springbok Agency has created a few chatbots for their clients. Digital strategist Alexis shares his experiences with that. 

(source: efficientlyeffective.fm)