Last week when I was debugging an application on which I was working, I discovered a nice and easy feature of the iPhone Simulator. There's not much information on it on the internet so it looked like a good idea for a blog post.

In the iPhone Simulator Menu, you have a menu item called "Debug". When you press this, you get various options for debugging your screen layout and frames. Which can be quite handy if you are building up your view through code rather then Interface Builder, and you want to check if your frames are all correctly set up without adding background colors or other sketchy methods.


I used the setting color blended layers to achieve what I needed to correctly lay out my frames.On a side note: You can also set up slow animations to actually see your animations in slow motion, which is also very handy to test your navigation through the app!

If you use the color blended layers, you're iPhone Simulator will look something like this: iPhoneSimulatorBlendedLayers

I'm sure this will help some people to achieve great things on te App Store. Happy Coding!