Technology keeps evolving at a mind-boggling pace. New technological solutions appear all the time, and often they disappear just as quickly. Some innovations are here to stay, which doesn’t mean it’s easy to determine their potential value for your business at first sight. With our Innovation Workshop, we want to look at emerging technologies from a business point of view. This way, we can help you look through the hype and identify opportunities early on.

Staying ahead of the game isn’t easy. We all know that a lack of innovation can mean the demise of an organization.

Identifying key emerging technologies early on is a must: if you don’t, your competition will. But it’s far from easy. In its early days, any new technology is surrounded by hype. When the hype dies down and the dust settles, some technologies have grown to be mature and useful, while others have disappeared.

If you did manage to identify promising new technologies that survived the hype, you’re not out of the woods yet. Next up is identifying the business potential specifically for your organization.

Past the hype

We would like to help you see past the hype, and identify new technologies and the way they can help your business. In order to do that, we’ve created our Innovation Workshop. The workshop is an extension of our own quest for innovation at icapps. As we constantly look at new technologies, we too were confronted with difficulties.

We coped by devising an in-house innovation strategy, consisting of an Innovation LAB and innovation task forces. Our LAB meets on a regular basis. They follow the latest technological advances, and try to identify potential uses. The most promising ones get assigned to a specialized task force. The task force is charged with getting hands on experience, developing new business, and building useful Proof of Concepts. Thanks to this strategy, we’re making sure we’re always up to date on the latest opportunities tech has to offer. You can discover more about the Innovation LAB in our blog about how icapps stays on top of its innovation game.

Our Innovation Workshop is a logical extension of the work we do in-house. At icapps, we always aim to share the knowledge we’ve acquired. We regularly organize Innovation Talks, where we invite anyone to listen to our recent findings. But often we get the question: What’s next? And the Innovation Workshop is our answer to that. There we apply this knowledge to concrete business problems. During the workshop, we’ll create an innovation mindset together with you. By lifting employees from their daily routines, they’ll be able to look at business problems differently.

The business point of view

Any Innovation Workshop starts with identifying current problems and opportunities. We take a look at all the stakeholders, and dive deeper into what problems need to be solved. From there on, we will inspire you with the possibilities of technology and how they can assist you in achieving your goals. We’ll look at new technologies from a business point of view. We won’t bore you with technical details of for example Augmented Reality or Chatbots, but we’ll show you how the technologies can make a tangible difference in the way your business operates.

With both problems, opportunities and relevant technologies identified, we’ll help you connect the dots. We’ll work towards viable ideas tailor-made for your business needs. If you’d like to go from there and start working on implementing those ideas, we ’re able to help you as well.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll go home with a new way of thinking about business problems, with lots of ideas about how to use new technologies to solve these problems, and with a concrete action plan to take your company to the next level.

After the workshop, you will be able to use the method we’ve taught you in your daily job. We’ll provide you with our set of tools, so you’ll have everything you need to organize workshops of your own.

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