As developers, we all like to work in a well-structured yet flexible way. Or at least most of us do...

At icapps, one of the tools we like most because of this is Git. The well crafted piece of software supports us in our daily workflows unobtrusive. The possibilities it offers seem endless and it's easy to get started with. Becoming a true Git master might take some time though.

Some colleagues at the office raised a few questions about Git branching and its capabilities. Therefore, I did a short walkthrough on this topic.

Particularly local branches, remote branches, pull requests and the popular "Gitflow" branching model were discussed. However, a big part of the presentation was covered in a live demo causing those topics not to be included in the slides. But they might be useful to you anyway, because remember:

"Always pass on what you have learned" - Yoda

Thanks for reading.
And go make something awesome now...

Wouter Martens

Most images in the slides are from the "A successful Git branching model" blog post by Vincent Driessen. So kudos for that.