What do you do when you have a perfectly working app that users are pleased with? Ask them how you can make it even better! At least that’s what KBC did, and their customers won’t be disappointed.

Improved experience with more functionalities

KBC Mobile has a large - happy - user base. But despite the high ratings in the different app stores, KBC saw room for improvement. Most users were perfectly pleased with the existing app, but several indicated that they wanted more functionalities. And that’s exactly what the new app is all about.

icapps joins forces with KBC

To build a stronger app, you need a good team. KBC has an experienced and talented design team in-house, but they wanted to speed up development to deliver the new app even faster. That’s where iCapps came in. At the beginning of this year I joined the mobile design team to accelerate the project, and at the same time bring in some fresh expertise. At iCapps we have been working with the financial industry for many years, so we’re very well acquainted with the requirements on the level of user experience.

More functionalities, but equally user-friendly

One of the key challenges lay in keeping things simple while making them more complex at the same time. Needless to say that adding a ton of extra functionalities, requires a totally renewed concept with well-thought-out navigation and a user-friendly approach.

These past few months we have worked with the KBC design team to create seamless activity flows, and make the user experience as smooth as can be. You can update (or download) your app in Google Play  or the Apple Store. We hope the KBC customers will enjoy this upgraded mobile experience!