Today at the iCapps Business Seminar, I presented a slideshow on how to decide between HTML5 or Native for your mobile applications.

I want to give you the opportunity to review the slides and to get your hands on the spreadsheet that you can use to decide which technology to use in which situation. You can use it as you like, however normally you should only adapt the weights column in the Criteria worksheet so that they reflect what you or your organisation finds most important. The rest of the spreadsheet adapts automatically and you can review the summary worksheet to see the resulting spider diagram. The bigger the surface it covers, the more you lean towards that approach.

As a follow-up I want to point you to a very interesting article that was recently published by Martin Fowler on the topic. There he explains again the different approaches, but also dives a lot deeper into the possibilities of Hybrid Applications.

Update: Pamela Fox just put up a really interesting slideshow on her experience with PhoneGap. One of the ways to build Hybrid apps. Nice to see her sharing her views on the different real life frameworks for both Hybrid Approach and HTML5 structure.

Hope you enjoyed our seminar and hope to see you again soon.