New projects, new people… This is an essential part of iCapps’ growth. However, we are growing at such high speed that many people are no longer aware of what their colleagues are up to. For this reason, it is important to look back, from time to time, on the previous months and make a round-up of where we are and which direction we are going in. Also, we want to take time to reflect on how colleagues can learn from the many interesting projects. This, in a nutshell, was the aim of our second BarCamp session.

One Friday afternoon in a well-filled office room - help, we are really running out of space now - turned into a mixture of strategic announcements, technical sessions and a few exciting projects.

At iCapps people are allowed to explore new technologies if we think this can help our customers. One such technology is React Native. In a technical session, Wouter Martens explained the advantages of this tool - built by Facebook - which allows you to run an app on two operating systems using the same codebase. In the case of apps, this means that up to 85% of the code can be shared between various platforms. A demo by a developer from Mediahuis illustrated this, and also demonstrated that not just the app but also the web becomes native.

Another fact worth mentioning: iCapps Care has kicked off. The purpose of iCapps Care is to proactively monitor the customers’ apps and to make sure that they remain compatible with the most recent updates. There is also a team that takes care of 3rd line support. In the case of the Telenet Yelo Play web app, we provide 24/7 support for critical issues. When it comes to the performance of apps, security also plays an important role. This may sound boring, but there are more security concerns than you think. In terms of security, iCapps is performing quite well. Both our mobile apps and our web applications are compliant with the 10 guidelines of OWASP, the Open Web Application Security Project.

Next up on stage: Maarten Anckaert and Pieter Moeyersons, who talked about the ‘excursion’ they made in September. They drove through Europe in a bus - the Startupbus - for 72 hours. Meanwhile they had to come up with a great idea, assemble a team, develop a project, prepare a demo and, to cap things off, do a pitch. Not exactly a quiet weekend trip, but the StartupBus left a deep impression on our two employees. It was a unique experience which taught them a lot, also about ‘pitching’, an aspect that many developers tend to forget. Unfortunately, Maarten and Pieter did not win the competition. The winning team convinced the jury with their app to vote safely and quickly via blockchain. In the meantime, by the way, iCapps has also boarded the Blockchain train.

In between, we also got an overview of a number of projects of the past months and an idea of the efforts that had gone into meeting the deadlines. But meeting the deadlines we did, every single time, and the result is something to be proud of! Among other things, we built the new Telenet Yelo web app and a new app to operate demos in lighting stores. Some top secret developments are also going on, but for the time being we have to keep quiet about these… To be continued!