Last year, when I was still an aspiring developer, I started my college internship at iCapps. I chose iCapps for my internship because my graduate school suggested it: other students had had some really good experiences here. It didn’t take long before I understood why!

Here are a few reasons:

Team spirit

iCapps is a young and dynamic organization, with an extraordinary team spirit. Everyone is appreciated equally and even the managing partners are extremely approachable. A lot of meetings and events are organized to make the team even stronger. And every time we complete a project or we get a win, we celebrate with drinks or a nice dinner.


As an intern, I developed an Android application. The app was supposed to get employees to  move more, and to lead a healthier life. I built the application in a team consisting of myself as Android developer, two iOS-developers, a design specialist and a Product owner. We followed an agile approach - more specifically scrum. During my entire internship, iCapps made sure someone was always available for me if I had any questions.

… but also independence

At the same time, independence - which I personally think is really important - is also highly valued at iCapps. So you get the best of both worlds!

Coaching & flexibility

During my internship, I really felt a match with iCapps. So when offered the opportunity, the decision to keep working for the company was an easy one.  At first, I continued as an Android developer, but after a couple of months I felt my ambitions lay elsewhere. I couldn’t really find the drive to keep motivating myself as an Android developer. Luckily, iCapps was really understanding. They really tried to coach me so I could find the aspect of IT development that motivated me most. In the end, I started working as a front end web developer. Right now, I’m really happy with the job I’m doing.


Innovation is really important at iCapps. We are constantly exploring new technologies, and every employee can contribute in this: suggesting topics, doing research, … You are always learning new things, which I find really important.

Watch an interview with Diemas, made by Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen, in which he talks a bit more about his internship and work at iCapps!