A trip down memory lane

To tell you the story of our rebranding, let’s take a trip down memory lane. In 2009, iCapps focused on building custom iPhone apps. Almost 10 years later so much has changed. Gradually we started building apps for Android as well, followed by Web platforms. ‘Apps’ no longer cover the range of our activities, and even less so does the “i” in iCapps. We’re a full-service digital agency, and we partner with companies to build cross-platform digital products. We don’t just build digital products, but we go from think to build to maintain, the whole product cycle.Telenet Yelo or Bolero are just a couple of results of these collaborations.


icapps is born

Both in writing and in our logo, we are saying goodbye to iCapps and hello to icapps. A minor difference, but one that better suits who we are and how we want to be perceived. As you might notice, the i in our logo has been transformed to a slash. There’s a couple of reasons for this. Apart from looking great, it represents the path, the - ascending - road we want to take together with our customers. We want to help them grow. In our branding and visuals, the slash is also a perfect way to picture the partnerships we want to enter with them:

icapps rebranding digital

On a design level the slash entails another fun association with the digital world, think for instance of the binary IO. Lots of fun stuff we can do with that!





Fresh, timeless colour scheme

In our new branding, we move away from a rather static - very blue - image towards a dynamic, colourful yet stylish brand. One of our mottos is “think, build, maintain”. Each of these has now got its own colour, including a range of supplementary colours, that are young and fresh, but timeless at the same time.

We are ready for a new icapps era with tons of stylish visuals and cool gadgets!