2017, not unlike 2016, is destined to become a year full of surprises. But one fact did not surprise us at all: Tine Lavrysen, our UX Expert & Innovation Ambassador, has been nominated as Data News’ Young ICT Lady of the Year. To us, Tine has proved to be the winner already. We have 5 reasons to hand her the award straightaway:

  1. Tine is young. Being just 31 years old, Tine easily qualifies to compete in the category ‘Young ICT Lady’. But it is not only your age that defines if you are young: you also need to be young at heart and have a young mindset. Needless to say, she qualifies in both these areas as well. As our innovation ambassador, Tine keeps the finger on the pulse of all new trends and technologies. And of course she knows exactly how to put these to the advantage of our many clients.
  2. Tine is experienced. Even though Tine can by all standards be called young, she has already gained a bucketload of experience. The journey started even before embarking on her professional career, when she was part of the Nuon Solar Team that won the World Solar Challenge in 2007 during her studies in The Netherlands. There, she also helped Wubbo Ockels build the first prototype of the electric Superbus. Since then, she has also gained lots of experience as designer and user experience consultant for several brands, such as Telenet, Mobile Vikings and Mediahuis.
  3. Tine has a mission. From that rather technical starting point, Tine has gradually started to focus more on the user experience side of people’s interactions with technology. Helping people find their way to new technologies such as the Internet of Things. This also means she keeps up with all innovations in the technology area, which has led to her role as Innovation Ambassador at iCapps.
  4. Tine is ambitious. Her ambitions can be found on various levels. At iCapps, she aims to help the organization grow, by adding new services such as ‘strategy and digital transformation’ to our offering. Within the organization, she wants to share her expertise and experiences as much as possible. And on a more general level, she wants to create technology and user interfaces that contribute to making people’s lives better.
  5. Team Tine. As you have gathered from all the above, Tine is an admirable individual. But individuals only thrive when you put them in the right team. Then you get this virtuous circle where individual and team make each other better. That’s exactly what happened here at iCapps, not only with Tine but with many of our colleagues. We bring out the best in each other, we help each other and we support each other when necessary. This is one of these days where Tine can use our support.
She can use your support as well by the way. So please visit the Data News voting page, and help us get Tine what she deserves: the title of Young ICT Lady of the Year. Thanks in advance!

(Photo credits: Peter Vermaercke)