Innovation Talks: Flutter & AR

Innovation Talks: Flutter & AR

"It was great getting to know icapps via one of the innovation talks: when visiting the offices you experience the “can do mentality. Recommend participating to everyone!” (Tim Weckhuysen, managing director Cabli)

Really loved the concept of the innovation talks: perfect balance between theoretical background and practical insights. Don’t hesitate to participate!(Claire Senden, R & D manager Fosbury and Sons)

These are just a few of the reactions we were happy to receive following our latest Sales Innovation Talks. They perfectly sum up what we intended to achieve with these lunches: to get acquainted on the one hand, and to provide our guests with an encompassing yet practical overview of innovative technologies.

The sessions

tuesday June 18th: AR

In this session, we’ll discuss how augmented reality will have a massive impact in a wide variety of industries. Even though it’s too soon to determine how this technology will alter existing business processes in the near future, we believe AR will soon become indispensable in the business world. With loads of practical insights, we aim to provide you with a head start.

thursday june 20th: Flutter

Flutter is a cross platform open-source SDK to build apps for iOS & Android, created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS. At icapps we are very busy testing the features of the 'new' technology, by means of a proof of concept in collaboration with KBC Bolero. We would like to share or findings and talk about Flutter's many possibilities


Would you like to be among the third batch of guests who can enjoy the rare combination of insight, practical advice and food? Are you eager to find out more on the topics of augmented reality and Flutter? Make sure to register in time for the June editions of our Sales Innovation Talks on the 18th and 20st. We look forward to inspiring and guiding you!