Good times. Spring is in the air and business is going well. Our days are filled with challenging projects for a wide variety of customers in all types of industries. But there’s always a big danger lurking around the corner when things are going good. If you are so busy that you are fully absorbed in your current activities and work, you don’t have the time to look forward towards what is coming. In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, we need to be on top of all trends and proactively investigate their professional relevance.

That is why we have an Innovation Team. They make sure that we invest time in the newest technology trends. One of the ‘tools’ to make this happen, is our Innovation Technology Board.

iCappsers can post-it (is that a verb?:)) all of their ideas for new technologies or innovations that might be worth looking into. Every two weeks we then have a Technology Innovation Lunch in which we go over the collected ideas and decide which of these we want to know more about.

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During the first Tech Innovation Lunch we chose 3 ideas:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Airbnb animation library LOTTIE

Now it’s up to 3 of our colleagues to spend the time they need getting to know all the ins and outs of the topic. What’s it all about? Are there any interesting use cases? Can we do something with this technology to improve people’s lives or company’s’ processes? In other words: is this something that can bring an added value to our (potential) customers?

If the research brings up interesting results, we will move ahead and build an actual Proof of Concept. This will then be presented internally at our BarCamp, externally to our customers, and integrated in the Innovation Workshops that we frequently host for customers’ management teams.