We, the designers and developers community, asked for a refreshment of our beloved OS. For the past 6 years it remained the same and Apple was getting behind the competition instead of define the standards. Jony Ive leads the software department (before hardware) and we expected a big update.

Now, a few weeks after WWDC, the critics quieted and some people can see the esthetics behind the design choses Apple made. It's designed for how it works. How it looks was step 2. And that's a good approach in design.
If you see design showcase site's like Dribbble it's all about the pixels. Not about how it works. I think many designers ignore step 1 and start immediately with step 2: open Photoshop and design a beautiful User Interface. I can't blame them, I did the same the past years.
But iOS 7 is a wake up call for me as a designer: it's how it works!

I see 3 parts for an app:

1. Content & functionality is king
2. How you interact with the content & UX
3. The look & feel of your UI

If you see that with iOS 6 some apps made a lot of money, just for how it looked. That will be almost over with iOS 7.
Don't get me wrong, a good looking UI will be still important but like I said above: content & functionality is king.

It will be difficult to stripe away details in your UI, but don't stripe away personality.

I gave a Keynote about my vision on this at icapps. You can see it below.

Thanks for reading

Dennis Covent