We all know the feeling when something is wrong with our connectivity, like an internet or telephone connection. Imagine how you must feel when you rely on this connectivity to operate your business. You want a quick solution, and you don’t want to be waiting on the phone listening to some classical music while you’re on hold.

Telenet A-Desk is a simple, yet very effective app, which we revamped for Telenet. It brings business users and the Telenet Business Customer Service in touch without wasting time. Business users can just log in to the app with their Telenet-registered VAT number, choose from the list of Customer Service Advisors and get a phone call just a couple of minutes later. This way they can be assisted by the same person that they maybe already spoke to in the past (no need to share your story multiple times) and they don’t have to hold the line.

We built the Telenet A-Desk app in React Native, a powerful technology developed by Facebook (read more in this blog).  Although it is still in beta, developers across the world are using it to build a wide variety of apps, like Facebook (of course), Instagram, Tesla or Airbnb. Since Telenet highly values innovation, they were keen on discovering React Native. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with organizations that share your love for innovation.

The result: a quick and effective app, tailored to the needs of busy business(wo)men!