Yesterday, Mobile Vikings launched the new deal platform named VikingSpots !

We are proud to say that we are Mobile Vikings "mobile" partner for the VikingSpots iPhone and Android application.

What is VikingSpots ?

VikingSpots finds you the best deals and hottest places to be in your neighborhood. But it gets better: you can earn Viking Points using VikingSpots. Redeem points and get a Mobile Vikings top-up. That means more calling, more texting and more surfing!
Everyone can join and get great deals, find the hottest places in the neighborhood and use the mobile applications and mobile website. However, to create new spots and earn free top-ups you’ll need an invite code.

Use VikingSpots online or download VikingSpots from the App Store.

We are aware that the first iPhone version v1.0 still had some Facebook and Twitter issues, but they are already fixed and the new version 1.0.1 is now available in the App Store !

We're still working on the Android version but it will be available in a few weeks so sit tight! In the meanwhile, you can already visit the mobile website with every smartphone device.

The number 1 free app in the App Store...

After no more than 5 hours, the VikingSpots iPhone app was already (and still is) the number 1 free app in the Belgian App Store!

VikingSpots in the media !

On its launchday, VikingSpots was mentioned on Kanaal Z, Datanews, iPhoneClub and The Mobile Revolution.
The Mobile Revolution
Mobile Vikings
Kanaal Z (Movie)

What is our job ?

iCapps is Mobile Vikings "mobile" partner for the VikingSpots iPhone and Android application. Our job:

  • Technical and functional analysis
  • Graphical user interface design and usability
  • iOS & Android development
  • Project management
  • Providing app download and usage figures

I hope you enjoy the new platform!