WWDC is Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference where several sessions are held and where thousands of Apple engineers meet. This year's edition will take place June 3-7 in California. No need to fly all the way up to America to watch the first-day keynote. We will watch the kick-off live at our office in Antwerp, along the River Scheldt, after we had some bites and drinks together. (More info and registration here)

During the keynote on the first day, Apple traditionally makes major announcements about upcoming updates and novelties in their software-lineup. Over the last few years no big news was coming from the tech giant. So we would love to hear about this year’s announcements… although we already have some ideas on what to expect.

In short, we hope to see new versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS, especially tvOS and some news on Marzipan and Siri.



Marzipan is an internal code name for the new developer tools that will allow us to design and engineer a single application that runs on iPhone, iPad and Mac. People nowadays demand a flawless experience across all their devices. Google, for example, is acting on this trend with Flutter. That is Google's recent open-source mobile application development framework. (Read more on Flutter in our blog post)

Marzipan is Apple’s way of responding to the continuously shifting expectations of the market. During the 2018 WWDC keynote presentation, the company showed off a sneak peek of the project. Chances are, Apple will release a beta version this year. At least, that’s what we hope they will do.


iOS 13

iOS 13 WWDC icapps


Apple’s WWDC branding this year has a darker theme and is much less “Apple-ish” than usual. Almost certainly, this way they are hinting at the upcoming dark mode on mobile devices. It already exists in MacOS, so it would be a logical extension.

Multitasking on the iPad will get a lot more attention too, in this version. New features will enable the user to work in multiple windows, using a tab view.

Aside from some ‘default’ changes and updates on apps such as Messages, Reminders, Maps, Mail… we do not predict much more here.


macOS 10.15

We don’t know much about what is changing in the new version of MacOS yet. What we do expect is a new feature for using an iPad as an external display. Again, Apple is clearly focusing on the whole user experience and user efficiency.





WatchOS 6 will focus on more health applications, such as an app for pill reminders or to track menstrual cycles.

On our wish list: an app to measure blood pressure. Will Apple be able to bridge the technical difficulties here?



In the latest Apple Special Event, the company announced some large changes in its business model. It was called a big spending plan to challenge Netflix, where content production is central. That's why we expect Apple to come up with changes to its tvOS SDK to make TV app development even more attractive and efficient.

Since developing TV apps is part of our core business, we are glued to our seats for this one.



Siri WWDC 2019


It’s no secret Apple is lagging behind when it comes to its voice assistant, Siri. Google I/O 2019 showed off their super fast and accurate voice assistant. We think it is highly doubtful that Siri will catch up to this level.

A critical question to ask is why Apple chooses to stay behind this much. Is it because of its focus on content production and TV? Food for thought…


So Apple, enlighten us!

icapps tech drinks WWDC 2019


Are we going to look at a dark theme on our iPhones soon? When will we be able to develop in iOS and MacOS from a single code base? How will our Apple watch improve our health? Will Siri finally take the long-awaited leap forward?

Join us during the live WWDC opening keynote on the 3rd of June and get an answer on all the questions above!

More info and registrations on our Meetup page or on our website.


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