So you have your code ready to run and all these nice NSLog statements ready.
But you're tired of pulling that console window to the top to see all log statements at once.

Xcode behaviours is the solution for you!

Did you know that it's possible to make seperate tabs in Xcode? All showing their own view on things!

Lets give it a try.

1. Open your project and get ready to run.

2. Press cmd + t, a new tab will appear. Double click the title of the tab and rename it to Console.

3. From the menu select Xcode -> Preferences -> Behaviours.

4. Navigate to Run starts and select Show tab named, fill in Console.

It's that easy to get some automatic behaviour in your Xcode. Don't forget that this is only a start, if you look at the other options you will see that some of the action you are repeating time after time can actually be automated.