You’ve got a world-changing idea for a digital project you want to pursue, but don’t know if it’s feasible?
Your boss asked you for a rough estimate of that one project and needs it tomorrow? You’ll discover it all in only 4 minutes.

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icapps For Good
March 25 & 26

Inspired by Tech For Good and driven by the Christmas spirit, icapps is hosting its very first edition of the icapps For Good Hackathon. As a digital company, we like to use our expertise to make a difference, so we set up a Hackathon to tackle a socially relevant project. What that project will be? That's on you to decide because you can win the full attention of a dedicated team of digital experts.

So, submit your project and be the headliner of our icapps For Good Hackathon!

What's in it for you?

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Need a little more explanation?

Buffl icapps For Good

This Hackathon is in close collaboration with BUFFL

BUFFL makes validation effortless. Your target audience gets crystal clear questions. And you’ll receive real-time reliable information. So you can build a better product or service.

That’s what we’ll do during this Hackathon, stay in touch with the target audience to ensure we’ll create the best possible product!

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