You’ve got a world-changing idea for a digital project you want to pursue, but don’t know if it’s feasible?
Your boss asked you for a rough estimate of that one project and needs it tomorrow? You’ll discover it all in only 4 minutes.

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We can do small things with great love

Because we can’t send you champagne - to toast with your colleagues - or a box of chocolates - to have a nice coffee moment together - we had to come up with another idea. This year, we want to give you a Christmas present that will really make a difference.

Crossing our fingers that you won’t hold this against us because we decided to give you…

That’s a big surprise, right? :)

Kerst cadeau


nothing is maybe a little exaggerated. We decided to interpret this year's Christmas present differently and make it even more spectacular by giving you the chance to create some Christmas miracles.

Kerst patroon


we will donate the budget we normally spend on your present to a good cause and you can choose which one that will be. To help you with this decision, we selected three of our favorite good causes, let us introduce them to you:

Great, now make your choice in the form below.

Hope you have a lovely holiday season, cheers to a new and better year, where champagne bottles can be popped and chocolates can be shared at the office!

Make your choice to make a difference