PAY anybody, anywhere, from your phone

Cashfree is a unique and innovative mobile payment app that we built for the promising Belgian start-up. The app was announced and received with great interest at the Launch Event in november 2016.

Payment made easy and instant

Cashfree is a mobile payment app that allows for easy and instant payment. After you have registered, you can start using the app immediately. Select “Pay”, scan the other party’s QR-code, and confirm the payment. Easy and instant. That means that your restaurant bill can be a QR code, and all you have to do to pay is scan the code. How easy is that?

What makes Cashfree even more interesting is that the actual money transfer will also happen instantly. Today, banks often still uphold a 24-48 hours delay in transferring money between parties – even though this is not necessary from a technical point of view. The aim of Cashfree however, is to turn payments, online as well as offline, into genuine ‘Cashless Cash’ transactions.

Innovative ideas, seamless development

We have built a Proof of Concept version of the app which is currently available for iPad and iPhone, and allows for instant payment between merchants and customers. Cashfree has completed a successful test run in Sint-Martens-Latem and has submitted a request at the National Bank to be recognized as an official payment institute.


Just scan the QR code to pay quickly wherever you are.


All you need is a phone and a bank account.

Safe and secure

256-Bit AES encryption, pincode/fingerprint protection and remote lockdown.


Instant payments, 24/7

Download the Cashfree App