Hans Anders

Hans Anders

In-Store Apps for an Improved Customer Experience

Hans Anders is one of the leading opticians in Belgium. To improve in-store customer experience, Hans Anders asked icapps to develop a demo app that showcases the different types of glasses and which helps customers in choosing eyeglass frames. The app allows customers to make more well-informed buying decisions.

In-store demo app for glasses

From night glasses to multifocal glasses: opticians offer many different types of glasses which can improve the customer’s vision. But the effect of these glasses may be difficult for customers to imagine. With the Hans Anders demo app, customers can now experience the effect of these different types of glasses.

The Hans Anders app is installed on tablets that are used by the Hans Anders shop assistants. Is a customer not sure how night glasses can improve their vision? The app demos the difference with regular glasses.

Hans Anders product in-store

A digital assistant for choosing the right eyeglass frame

In a second stage, the demo app for glasses was extended with a tool that assists Hans Anders customers in choosing an eyeglass frame. Select your gender, face shape and skin colour and the app will tell you which shape and color suits you best. In the Basilix flagship store, customers can consult this buying assistant on a large touchscreen monitor.

Custom-made, end-to-end solution

As the preferred mobile partner of Hans Anders, icapps designed and developed these custom-made Android applications. We also created a custom launcher so that the Hans Anders shop assistants can lock their tablets in stores. But our partnership went beyond software development. Thanks to our many partners, we can offer an end-to-end solution that includes software as well as hardware. For Hans Anders, we worked together with our partner Dalosy to provide the touchscreen monitor on which customers can consult the frame selection app.

Only available at Hans Anders stores