Het Geluidshuis

Het Geluidshuis

Het Geluidshuis is an Antwerp-based audio production company and publisher of audio stories and audio drama. The company has been creating and publishing their audio books for over 10 years
(such as, most recently, “De rattenvanger”).

A Changed Format for A Changed Audio Market

For a long time, Het Geluidshuis sold their stories in the book + CD format only. To respond to the changing audio market, Het Geluidshuis teamed with icapps for the development of a mobile application which allows customers to download and listen to the audio productions published by Het Geluidshuis. In the new format, customers who buy the hardcopy (+ CD) of a book also receive a download code, with which they can download the book onto their smartphone or tablet. Or, if they are not interested in a hard copy, they can just buy the audiobook in the online store.


Nadège Foccart

Backend and Frontend by icapps

The first version of the app (for iOS and Android, and for smartphone and tablet) was released in 2016. Both the backend and the frontend (developed natively for iOS and Android) were built by icapps. The backend also includes a content management system (CMS) in which Het Geluidshuis can manage its audio books and the download codes which are sent to customers when they buy a book. The cms system also allows Het Geluidshuis to add newly published material. The app is also integrated with the Geluidshuis store and payment system.

Subsequent versions of the app added some new features. For example, it is now possible to download short preview samples before buying and downloading the audio book.

In the future, Het Geluidshuis is looking to add some additional features which will improve the customer’s listening experience.