Kinepolis Wallet Integration

Pioneer in mobile ticketing service

Kinepolis has cinemas all over Europe, and they want to be a pioneer in everything related to cinema. With the help of icapps they were the very first in Belgium to provide cinema tickets via Apple Wallet (Passbook) service!

Innovate cinema, innovative ticketing services

Kinepolis runs 46 cinemas throughout 7 European countries. With 2300 employees, they welcome over 21 million paying customers annually. Kinepolis wants to offer film and culture lovers the ultimate movie experience. To this end, they developed an innovative cinema concept that is now the industry standard.

Seamless integration

As soon as Apple announced that they were going to launch their mobile ticketing platform Wallet, Kinepolis started looking for a mobile partner who could integrate this service with their existing back-office system. icapps got to work and in only one week they enabled the Wallet integration.

19/09/13: Wallet live and... Kinepolis immediately available!

Apple released Wallet on September 19th 2013. From the very same day icapps made it possible for cinema visitors to book their Kinepolis tickets through Wallet!