Mobile Vikings

Mobile Vikings

We are proud to be their mobile partner

VikingCo is not your everyday company. With Mobile Vikings, their core business is telecoms, but few know they also market other products and services.

VikingCo prefers to do things its own way (Vikings have been called stubborn), so they are developing their own top-notch software platform that allows them to offer additional services to their Vikings and other communities, and to easily integrate with partners in their innovative ecosystem.

Citylife a.k.a Joyn

Mobile Vikings offers more and more very useful and interesting services (through mobile apps) to their users. icapps is Mobile Vikings preferred partner for all this mobile development.

We worked very hard on the start of their new loyalty platform formerly known as CityLife, now called Joyn. A first version of the app is already available in the App Store and Google Playstore, but we are constantly improving the app and working on new cool features.

Apple Watch App

Mobile Vikings is the very first Belgian telecom provider to launch an Apple Watch app. A super convenient way to keep track of your usage and calling credit, including a Glance screen to very quickly check your balance.
The Watch app is part of the latest update of their iOS Viking App, now available in the iTunes App Store.