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Monizze develops and provides digital solutions that improve the wellbeing of employees and the performance of the companies.

Monizze is an SME with Belgian roots operating as a 100% digital company active in the Fintech sector. Founded in 2011 by Jean-Louis Van Houwe, Monizze develops and provides electronic meal, eco and gift vouchers. Monizze joined the Up group in 2015, the n° 3 in the market of prepaid payment solutions. In 2017, Monizze reached the milestone of 15.000 customers and 250.000 beneficiaries!

In this increasingly digital time, any ambitious company which offers digital solutions needs to provide its customers with a stable and user-friendly app. Yet this is exactly where Monizze found itself struggling around 2016. The app did not meet customers’ expectations: complaints about malfunctions were coming in and the user-experience was not quite up to scratch either. After some changes to the existing app, which proved not to be sufficient, Monizze eventually decided to raise its game by developing a new app.

The Monizze app: starting with a clean slate

The new app offers both familiar and new functionalities, in a new, more user-friendly design and with a more stable backend system. The new Monizze app offers beneficiaries a number of handy functionalities.

  • You can consult the status of each of your cards and get a detail viewed of your past transactions.

  • You can make a list of favourite merchants.

  • Want to find out where you can use your Monizze meal vouchers, eco vouchers or gift cards? There’s a search function, which you can use to find all the merchants in the customer base. The app also records info about opening times and contact details.

  • If you go to a store where you cannot use your Monizze card, you can suggest this merchant to Monizze as a potential new client.

  • You can give a score after you visited a merchant.

  • You can block your card.

Frontend by icapps

The new app is built natively for iOS and Android. The backend and API layer are developed by in-house experts at Monizze. For both the frontend and the integration of the frontend with the backend, Monizze called on the assistance of icapps (both for the iOS app and Android app). The icapps team worked together with the Monizze team using an agile approach. As work progressed, demos of the app were presented, and test versions were made available.

Nadège Foccart, marketing manager at Monizze, looks back on the collaboration thus far: 

“We really appreciate the excellent project follow-up by icapps as well as the fact that icapps does not just execute what we ask but also proactively brings ideas to the table. The intermediate workshops which were organised at regular intervals also benefited the project. And we, in our turn, could easily stay up to date about the progress the icapps team was making thanks to the Jira platform, which allowed us to see in real time what the team members were working on, which issues had been solved already, ...”


The new app has gone live in August. But the collaboration does not end here. Monizze is looking to add extra features to the app over the next months, and icapps will continue to assist Monizze by integrating these new features in the app. One of the new features that users can look forward to are extra push notifications - for example, a notification every time an amount is charged to your card. Monizze is also working towards innovative features that include Artificial Intelligence, such as a recommendation engine which recommends merchants and users, based on several parameters. Monizze’s vision is to truly differentiate its services with the innovative DNA it has as the only Fintech in this industry. And icapps is glad to assist the company in this.

Nadège Foccart

Jean Louis Van Houwe, CEO Monizze

Nadège Foccart

Nadège Foccart, Marketing manager at Monizze

Nadège Foccart

Jérôme Touzé, IT manager at Monizze

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