Port of Antwerp

Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp is the largest maritime harbour of Belgium and the second largest in Europe.

The Port of Antwerp offers all sorts of services, including a wide range of applications for both internal and external use: apps for visitors to the Port, nautical apps which allow employees to track ships and generate and analyze data, and several database applications.

Empowering a mobile workforce

Until 2015, the Port of Antwerp apps were built as web applications that could be used on desktops and laptops, but not on mobile devices. Perfect for employees working at the office, less so for all those times when they are on the road. So it is not surprising that, in today’s increasingly mobile world, Port of Antwerp felt the need to reform their web applications, upgrading them to technology that supports mobile devices. At the same time, this offered the opportunity to refresh the look & feel of the applications.

icapps as a coach and listening partner

Because Port of Antwerp had little in-house expertise in developing web applications, they partnered with icapps to tackle the challenge of updating their large portfolio of apps. icapps guided, coached and supported Port of Antwerp throughout every phase of this project - and continues to do so today. Starting point of the project: researching the needs of Port of Antwerp and coming up with the best solutions. At the same time, one of our experts also introduced the Port of Antwerp team to the world of web applications and coached the team in preparation of the actual work ahead: reforming and redesigning the apps.

Responsive web application with a fresh look & feel thanks to icapps' expertise

The existing apps were built in an actionscript/flex environment. The aim was to reform them into responsive web applications, built in html5. Because many of the applications had similar functions, a custom framework was made, which forms a layer on top of Angular.js.

But icapps’ role at Port of Antwerp extended beyond the support in development. For some of the apps, our Concept & Design team was asked to refresh the front-end of the applications, giving it a more modern, user-friendly look & feel.

A job well done... results in a sequel!

Even though the renewed apps have been successfully delivered, icapps continues to assist Port of Antwerp: new functionalities are still being developed, and the framework underneath the apps is being improved continuously. Moreover, since the applications were delivered, Angular has been updated to version 4.0.0. To make sure that Port of Antwerp stays up to date, we are planning to adapt the applications to this new version. In other words: the future is bright for icapps’ partnership with Port of Antwerp!