TADAAM is a bunch of Telenet engineers with one simple and big idea: connecting one’s home internet and TV through mobile networks. Order TADAAM before 22h, and get it delivered the next business day. Just unbox, find power and you’ll have access to internet and TV! No cables, no technicians. On the spot connection to the world. And since innovation & disruption are founding values at Telenet, as a ‘spin-in’, Tadaam has the freedom to quickly experiment with technologies and business models, with the solid backup of the group. 

Apart from an IT system, TADAAM includes a website and TV applications for 7 platforms. Because that’s a lot to deal with (and there wasn’t a lot of time either), the creators of TADAAM needed a flexible cross-platform technology. The team fell for React Native to build the apps for AppleTV, SmartTV, AndroidTV, iPad, Android Tablet, iPhone and Android phone. 

“Thanks to React Native we were able to develop 7 apps, with a budget of only one.” Michel Roofthooft, Technology Lead at TADAAM.

That’s when icapps came into TADAAM’s story. Michel Roofthooft: “we ended up with icapps as a partner in order to support us with their extensive platform expertise. Design also isn’t really our core business, so we got Tine’s (UX Expert at icapps) help to achieve our goal.” 

“For the design, I needed a broad skillset,” Tine Lavrysen explains, “Of course I took care of the UX, but I also needed to take care of print design for the delivery box and visuals for invoices. Movies, animations and web design also became part of my job. I really love the team’s startup vibe!” 

We are used to work Agile, but in this case we took it to another level. We call it Hyper Agile. Robin Claes, Web Developer at icapps: “For almost every question we had, we immediately made the decision to build a proof of concept.” “Our Coffee Plan is an example. As soon as we got a first version of our product, we wanted to start testing it. We invited Telenet staff to use the TADAAM products for the price of €5”, Annemie Wynants adds, “by doing so we got a lot of valuable feedback.” 

What might have started as a dream, has now become an allround product that the client easily orders online. Immediately after ordering, you can downloadthe apps and start watching TV. Within 24 hours the TADAAM box is being delivered at your place. Without the help of a technician, you can simply plug in the modem and start watching TV online. Yes, it’s that simple! 

Thanks to React Native we were able to develop 7 apps, with a budget of only one.
Michel Roofthooft, Technology Lead at TADAAM.


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