Tokheim Mobile Payment

Tokheim Mobile Payment

iBeacons to fuel innovation

Tokheim is one of the world's lagest providers of fuel retailing solutions. icapps enables drivers to initiate their refueling from the comfort of their car: fast, secure and convenient.

Mobile payment at the gas station

Tokheim’s strength lies in their unrivalled service network. They have a direct presence in and access to over 40,000 stations across more than 30 countries worldwide. The Tokheim Mobile Payment app allows you to quickly and securely authorize the payment for a refuel by using your smartphone while comfortably seated in your car. The app will tell you which pump - closest to you and with the right fuel - you can use. All you have to do now is fuel up!

As Tokheim’s mobile partner, we designed and developed a pilot version of the Mobile Payment App for iPhone. This pilot is fully functional and has iBeacon support.

The Internet of Things at work

But how does this all work? Once you start using the app, your mobile phone receives a message from the nearest pump available with the type of fuel you want to fill up with. This is the pump you are then advised to use. Behind the screens there’s a two-way communication. On the one hand the app has all the information of your fuel card which, as well as your fuel type preferences. On the other hand the different fuel pumps have iBeacons (small, low-energy transmitters) that are integrated with Point Of Sales systems. In short, your phone and the fuel pumps can talk to each other, thus automating the transaction! A beautiful example of the Internet of Things at work!