You’ve got a world-changing idea for a digital project you want to pursue, but don’t know if it’s feasible?
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Digital Product Strategy

Digital Product Strategy aligns business goals and user needs in order to create mutual added value and maximize the impact and return of the solution to be created.

Our Digital Product Strategy approach

Our digital product strategy approach turns your initial ideas and business needs into successful digital solutions.

By deep-diving into your world, we direct you towards the sweet spot of creating value for both your business and your customers, build a long-term vision for the project and maximize the impact and return of the solution to be created.

Whether you want to assess your current digital solution, looking for inspiration for a digital concept or want to validate an idea, we’ve got you covered.

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Strategy Workshops

In order to inspire you from idea to project approach, we've created two workshops.

  • Digital Product Strategy workshop

In this co-creation workshop, we build the business case for your project together. We focus on translating your initial project idea into a solid, well-founded view on the main business and user needs to be addressed by your solution, and start shaping the concept.

  • Digital Concept workshop

In this co-creation workshop, we build upon the results from the ‘Digital Strategy’ workshop in order to create a well-defined concept for a digital solution.


Quantitive and Qualitative Research

At icapps we believe in a data-driven approach to digital strategy, in which insights are derived from quantitative as well as qualitative data.

We offer a wide set of research methods which includes:

  • Analytics (web and mobile) & Dashboarding
  • User interviews
  • Desk research
  • Surveying
System architecture

Technical Audit

During a technical analysis, we focus on the non-functional requirements of the solution. Depending on the project, the needs of the customer, the existing documentation, and any preparation already done. We also provide assessments and audits of your existing projects and digital products to test them again our best practices.

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