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Battle of the Browsers: Arc Browser vs. Chrome

Internet users are frequently faced with deciding which browser best suits their needs. While Google Chrome has long dominated the market with its speed and extensive ecosystem, a new challenger, Arc Browser, has emerged, promising a more organized, efficient, and user-centric browsing experience.

In this comparison, we will go into the key features, performance, and user interface of both Arc Browser and Chrome to help you determine which browser might be the best fit for you!

The key features: What sets each browser apart?


Chrome doesn’t have any features that immediately stand out. This isn’t because it doesn’t offer useful features but because Chrome has quickly become the ‘standard’ since its release. As a result, most top browsers now share many of the same features, striving to meet the high expectations established by Chrome. Chrome's influence is evident across the industry, from fast browsing speeds and seamless synchronization across devices to a vast array of extensions and a clean, intuitive interface.

Its dominance has shaped the landscape, making many innovative features feel like basic requirements for any modern browser.


On the other hand, Arcs strives to do something completely different. They're not just trying to tweak Chrome's look and add a few extras. They want to create something totally fresh to make browsing super easy.

  • Switching between profiles, or ‘spaces’ as Arc calls them, is even more seamless. To switch between profiles, swipe left or right; no extra window opens, and you immediately switch spaces. When you are in a Google Meet and quickly need to check something in another space, Arc will put the Google Meet tab in front of the other space.

  • There are plenty of useful AI features, from asking questions about the page you are currently viewing to quick previews when you hover over links. Or even ask ChatGPT questions straight from the command bar. Arc implements AI in small but useful ways.

  • Intuïtive and simplified tab management makes it easier to find the tab you need and automatically closes the tabs you’re not using.

  • There are lots of little add-ons too, like seeing your calendar when you hover over the Google Calendar tab. Arcs also organizes all your GitHub PRs and their status into a folder for you. Plus, when you leave the Google Meets tab, it automatically switches to a picture-in-picture view, so you can keep browsing and easily go back to that tab whenever you want, among other cool features.

Speed and efficiency showdown: Comparing browser performance

Chrome and Arc are built on the Chromium framework, ensuring comparable performance between the browsers. This also means that all your extensions will work seamlessly on both. However, what sets Arc apart is that it’s entirely written in Swift. This choice of programming language allows Arc to deliver a noticeably smoother experience, enriched with a variety of subtle and visually appealing animations.

As a result, Arc not only feels faster but also provides a more refined and aesthetically pleasing user experience. The fluidity and responsiveness of the interface contribute to an overall sense of speed and efficiency that distinguishes Arc from other Chromium-based browsers.

User interface face-off: Arc Browser vs. Chrome – Who wins?


Chrome is known for its minimalistic design, which has influenced many other browsers, tabs are displayed at the top, with a straightforward tab bar. It supports grouping tabs, but the features are somewhat basic. Chrome has limited customization options, focusing on simplicity and speed.


Arc offers a modern and innovative design that stands out compared to Chrome. One of Arc's standout features is its extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize their browsing experience down to the finest details. For instance, if you're not a fan of GitHub's default appearance, you can easily apply a new "boost" to completely revamp its look.

When it comes to tab management, Arc introduces a unique approach with its sidebar system. This method can be more intuitive for many users, facilitating better organization and navigation. Additionally, Arc enhances this experience with the help of Max, its personal AI assistant, ensuring efficient and streamlined management of your browsing activities.