At icapps, we are convinced that each digital transformation is distinct so the requirements of our customers can vary significantly. To address this, we provide a diverse range of services and possess a broad spectrum of in-house expertise that can be integrated as required. Our consultancy services prove invaluable for those moments when you have a temporary gap in your team, need specialized knowledge to complete your team, or when you're looking to introduce a product in collaboration with an expert who has access to the extensive icapps knowledge base.

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Web development

Web development is much more than just writing code. It's about creating impactful and engaging experiences for people all over the world. With the right tools and skills, we can help turn your ideas into reality and shape the online landscape together.

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Mobile development

We have experts in both native and cross-platform mobile applications to provide seamless performance across all devices. Tailored to reflect your brand's identity, we can help you set up apps that are secure and designed with the future in mind.

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Back-end development

We're game for a technical challenge. Whether it's setting up a technical architecture, or building scalable digital platforms, customized to your needs. We have experience in building complex modular business solutions and we help you set up the right ecosystem to cover all integration needs.

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Cloud Engineering

Creating an application is just the first step; the real challenge lies in making it operational. Hosting transcends mere functionality—it's a craft that involves intricate details. While numerous Platform as a Service (PaaS) options exist to alleviate the complexities of infrastructure management, what happens when your application outgrows these solutions, or when its unique requirements don't align with the standard offerings of a PaaS provider? This is precisely where our Cloud experts shine, providing tailored support for your challenging cases.

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UX/UI design

Elevate your digital product with the exceptional user experience and user interface design it merits, meticulously tailored to meet your customers' needs. Our seasoned team of designers is dedicated to gaining deep insights into your audience, helping you craft the most intuitive and user-friendly design that will make your digital offering truly distinguishable.

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Project management

We offer project management support with our team of seasoned project managers. Tailoring our approach to each company's unique needs, we ensure projects are delivered efficiently and effectively, on time and within budget. Our experts leverage the latest methodologies to guide projects to success, acting as an extension of your team to maximize value and minimize risks. We wnt to ensure that you can confidently focus on their core objectives, knowing their projects are in expert hands.

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