Thinking about your next step toward digitalization? We’ve got you covered! To inspire you in your digitalization journey, we’ve written some e-books that will help you figure out the right way.

ux audit template

UX Audit template

Do you have an app or website? Want to see how your users interact with it, and how you could improve your user experience? Let our UX Audit template guide you.

Icapps Digital Songbook DSC00337

Digital Strategy Songbook

What's the link between Digital Product Strategy and David Bowie, Björk, the Bee Gees, and other rock and pop artists? We've split the Songbook into 7 podcast episodes, each of them highlighting a key principle Digital Product Strategy principle. For every podcast episode, we created a template to "sing along" - read: a practical guide to try out and test the principle we've explained, together with your team.

Ebook Instagram


We walk you through the differences between the existing cross-platform technologies like Flutter, React Native and Native code-sharing and we explain why we, at icapps, chose to integrate Flutter in our stack.

Mockup e Book Logistics

Logistics x Digitization: Friend or Foe

In this e-book, we zoom in on the challenges holding the logistics industry back from taking further steps toward its digital transformation. We share the key challenges and turn them into opportunities.

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