Digital Product Strategy Songbook: An introduction to digital product strategy

Geert De Laet

Do you feel like you can't seem to grasp what Digital strategy entails? That it's shrouded in a veil of mystery, a veil so magical only strategists can uncover it? You're not alone.

What's the link between Digital Product Strategy and David Bowie, Björk, the Bee Gees, and other rock and pop artists? That's what you're about to discover in our Songbook. Geert De Laet, Digital Strategist with a heart for music, combined his two passions into a unique Digital Product Strategy Songbook. Learn about the most important principles of Digital Product Strategy brought to you in an entertaining way.

In our Songbook, we cover the most important principles of Digital Product Strategy. By comparing strategy principles to popular rock and pop classics, we try to make them understandable and applicable for every single one of you. Whether you're a strategist or not. By taking a closer look at the stories behind these iconic songs, we hope to lift the veil on the ins and outs of digital strategy. At the same time, we’re providing you with the perfect soundtrack to set up your next winning product strategy.