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icapps For Good Hackaton

Our Hackathon, aiming to make a mark

Since 2020 was a year to remember, or better to forget, we couldn’t let the end of the year go by without doing something a little unusual. We wanted to give something back to society and as a digital company, we gladly use our expertise to make a difference. So we came up with the idea to host and give away a Hackathon in which we will tackle a socially relevant issue, idea, or project.

icapps 29 Dec 2020 · 3 min
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Tech Gatherings, the power of sharing knowledge

Since knowledge exchange is an important part of both your employee’s and the company’s growth, we value every initiative taken towards this. icapps recently reorganized and started working with product teams instead of technology-oriented teams, which makes it even more important to provide a platform for sharing knowledge. That is why we are a big fan of our Tech gatherings, in this blog we share our best practices and show you why we encourage our employees to set up these gatherings.

icapps 05 Jan 2021 · 3 min
Flutter ebook

Discover our new E-book: How to create a cost-efficient app with full potential.

Flutter has only been released three years ago, but the number of users is already mind-blowing. This relatively new cross-platform technology has stolen the hearts of a lot of developers. And what’s not to love, with its expressive UI, fast development flow and native performance, Flutter is a unique cross-platform that is only gaining popularity.

icapps 14 Oct 2020 · 1 min
Augmented Reality and AI

Machine Learning 101

Situated in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning’s sole goal is to create an algorithm or program that is capable of delivering accurate results, both in known and unknown situations and without being programmed to do so. This is the complete opposite of traditional programming, where manual instructions are written to make the program work.

icapps 30 Nov 2020 · 4 min

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