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Reopening our icapps workplace

As we are headed towards a more safe, ‘corona-free’ environment, we asked ourselves the question how to safely reopen the icapps workplace. Our primary objective was, and still is to do as much as logically possible to prevent our colleagues and their ‘bubble’ from getting sick or infected. As we value the freedom of everyone working at our company, we added the challenge of not putting a too strict rule set in place...

Olivier Dupont 24 Jun 2020 · 3 min
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App development for GAIA in times of an epidemic

While the coronavirus is still around, and remote working is still the standard, our application for GAIA: ‘GAIA, help animals in 1 click’, is our very first 100% remotely developed application that has just been launched!

Emilia Van de Maele 22 May 2020 · 2 min
Zoom meeting

Remote calling: 8 recommendations for an efficient remote meeting

Many companies are discovering the advantages and challenges of remote calling these days. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, video calls have become a popular alternative to physical meetings. Some organizations already have a lot of experience with remote calling, but for most teams it’s like learning how to swim in the deep. This is why we share our own recommendations to make your meetings more efficient.

Emilia Van de Maele 30 Apr 2020 · 4 min
Two smart tvs mockup over a png background in angled position a11912

Designing for TV: Not your usual glowing rectangle

Television has evolved from a clunky box with black-and-white images and a few channels to pick from to an interactive platform. At icapps, we’ve designed apps for Telenet Tadaam, Proximus and Liberty Global. We’ll share our experiences on how to design for TV, including some examples from these projects.

icapps 27 Mar 2020 · 13 min

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