Industry insights

At icapps, we are strong believers in digitalization. As a digital product agency, it’s our daily job to Think, Build, and Care about our customers’ digitalization process. From defining the strategy of your next step toward digitalization, building your digital product, to taking care of it, we’re in it for the long haul. In our Industry Insights, we zoom in on different industries; how they handle innovation, what challenges they experience, what opportunities we see, and how we can help them become future-proof.

Logistics and digitalization


The logistics industry is an industry that is associated with paper-based processes. Although we already see a lot of digitalized processes, the industry seems to be struggling with carrying the innovation process industry-wide. What's the reason for this? What are the challenges that are preventing them from taking further steps to become future-proof as a whole? We researched the issue, talked to a number of key stakeholders in the industry, and wrote our findings and possible solutions down in our e-book.

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