At icapps we work with innovation tracks and roadmaps, a way to give our employees the opportunity to explore new technologies. Smartglasses have always been on the icapps innovation roadmap so it’s a topic that is well thought out through the years. Since there are big differences between the existing smartglasses, a market study was necessary to find out which were the most interesting ones for us or, in a later stadium, for Mr. Watts to focus on. We came to the conclusion that the Microsoft HoloLens is the best fit for Mr. Watts to start with. And here’s why:

A wide range of advanced capabilities:

The Microsoft HoloLens are, without a doubt, the most advanced smartglasses on the market today, they stand out with multiple advanced capabilities like:

  • Real-time spatial mapping (3D scanning) of your environment
  • Head-tracking
  • Eye-tracking
  • Iris recognition (inc. the biometric authentication possibilities)
  • Spatial audio
  • Accurate hand-tracking for natural, gesture-based control
  • Targeted microphones for voice control, tested to work well in noisy, industrial environments
  • Research based comfort options to ensure extensive usage throughout a workday
  • And many more…

Because of these capabilities, the HoloLens is the perfect choice for businesses and takes a step ahead of older smartglasses like Realwear or Vuzix.

The Windows 10 operating system

Since Windows 10 is the worldwide most used OS on ‘regular’ computers in the business world, it’s a big pro that the HoloLens also runs on this. This can count as an important differentiator against other suppliers in the Mixed Reality Industry, like for example Magic Leap. These smartglasses run on LuminOS, which is a custom developed operating system derived from open source components such as Linux and the ‘Android Open Source Project’ (AOSP). This is a great operating system too but it still has to prove its stability, sustainability, and compliance, unlike Windows.

The seamless integration with Azure and Dynamics

A last important possibility of the Hololens is the integration with Microsoft Azure and Dynamics. This only assures that we made the right choice. Because a lot of businesses already use these services, it makes the adoption of Mixed Reality apps even smoother.

Because the smartglasses technology is in constant evolution, Mr. Watts isn’t blind to other options. They do believe that alternatives will enter the market, not to mention Apple’s rumoured implementation. This will definitely shake up the industry but at the moment, there is no doubt that Microsoft is on top of the market.

mr watts HoloLens

Mr. Watts taking the lead

We are proud that Mr. Watts is taking the lead in the smartglasses industry. They decided to give this technology a broader scene and we firmly believe that they will guide businesses into the era of smartglasses, Mixed Reality, and spatial computing. So icapps gladly support our former CTO, Wouter Martens, and Founding Father, Niels Leunen, with their new company and we are sure we will stay connected throughout their journey.