Delving into the power of AI (artificial intelligence), we invite you to explore how AI enhances our daily business operations. At icapps, we wholeheartedly embrace AI's potential, using it to drive innovation and reshape our industry.

This blog post will show real-life examples of how AI seamlessly integrates into our roles and functions. We will uncover the stories of individuals within our organization who have embraced the power of AI to amplify their skills and revolutionize their workflows.

From developers unlocking unprecedented productivity with intelligent code suggestions, account managers leveraging AI for deeper client insights, and designers enhancing their creative process with AI-driven tools. We will showcase the diverse ways AI is making a tangible impact.

While exploring these fascinating use cases, we will emphasize that AI is not intended to replace human expertise. Instead, it is a valuable tool that automates repetitive tasks, frees up valuable time, and enables us to focus on delivering exceptional value to our clients and organizations. As we share our experiences and insights, you will gain a deeper understanding of how AI can be effectively integrated into daily business operations, leading to increased efficiency, enhanced decision-making, and, ultimately, transformative success.

Let's get to it!

1. AI in Development: Empowering Benji

Benji, a talented developer, harnesses the power of AI to charge his productivity.

One of his go-to AI tools is GitHub Copilot, a plugin for Visual Studio Code and JetBrains. Benji can write code faster and more accurately thanks to Copilots intelligent code suggestions and auto-completion capabilities. Additionally, he occasionally relies on ChatGPT, an AI-powered assistant accessible online or via Slack, to handle mundane tasks such as converting data from one format to another. This enables Benji to focus on more complex challenges and higher-value projects.

2. AI in Account Management: Hicham's secret weapon

As an account manager, Hicham utilizes AI to gain deeper insights into his client's needs and industry trends. He leverages ChatGPT as a valuable resource to understand his clients better, exploring the digital challenges companies like, for example, Nike face and how icapps can provide software services to address specific needs. While AI assists in identifying pain points and optimizing the sales process, Hicham emphasizes that it cannot replace the human touch in sales. Instead, he sees AI as a powerful tool that complements his expertise, allowing him to automate routine tasks and focus on building personalized relationships with clients.

3. AI in Design: Inspiring Jelle's creativity

As a skilled designer, Jelle incorporates AI into his workflow to enhance his creative process. He relies on AI-driven text suggestion tools, such as Fig.GPT, to overcome the challenge of selecting the right text and quickly generating relevant content. Moreover, Jelle taps into AI-generated image creation with Midjourney to produce personalized and tailored visuals, going beyond the limitations of stock photos. In addition, AI-powered image enhancement tools, like Adobe Firefly, enable Jelle to refine and extend images, providing greater flexibility and creative control.

4. AI in Digital Strategy: Geert's utilization of AI in his role

Geert, our digital strategist, effectively employs AI tools to streamline and enhance his work processes. Geert found one recent application of AI precious in processing user interviews. By leveraging AI, Geert was able to obtain actionable insights from these interviews more efficiently.

To begin, Geert employed AI technology to convert recorded interviews into text format. Several speech-to-text solutions were tested, but Geert encountered challenges finding a tool that could accurately handle Flemish, a variant of Dutch. After thorough research, Geert discovered Whisper, an impressive speech-to-text solution developed by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

Unlike ChatGPT, which is accessible via the website, Whisper requires installation or seeking pre-installed options from third-party providers (for a fee). Geert found that using the largest model, 'large V2,' produced highly accurate transcriptions for Flemish. Although occasional errors remained, Geert easily identified and corrected them using a standard spell checker.

Once the transcriptions were obtained, the next step involved leveraging ChatGPT. Given ChatGPT's limitation in prompt length, Geert divided the transcriptions into smaller sections and incorporated relevant descriptive prompts to ensure ChatGPT correctly understood the input provided. To simplify this process, he developed a customized tool that swiftly generated appropriate prompts based on the output from Whisper.

With the transcribed text successfully integrated into ChatGPT, Geert could pose a wide range of questions related to the user interviews. Whether requesting a summary, seeking insights about a specific topic, or understanding user frustrations, Geert obtained valuable information to enrich their conclusions.

By harnessing the power of AI tools, Geert effectively leverages user interviews to gather actionable insights efficiently and enhance the strategic decision-making process. 

5. AI in Creative Marketing: Yorrick's innovative strategies

Yorrick, a creative marketer, leverages AI in various aspects of his work. For his podcast, Yorrick utilizes ChatGPT to compile composite texts by sourcing information from the internet, which he then fine-tunes for recording. Additionally, he explores AI-powered plugins that recommend comics based on given titles, adding an exciting dimension to his content. Yorrick also employs AI in photo editing, using tools like to automate initial edits on a batch of photos, significantly reducing time and effort. Furthermore, AI-based transcription services, like, simplify the process of adding subtitles to videos, freeing up Yorrick's valuable time for other tasks.

AI has undoubtedly transformed the way professionals operate in their respective fields. While these examples showcase the immense potential of AI, it's important to note that it remains a supportive tool rather than a replacement for human expertise. By embracing AI, individuals like Benji, Hicham, Jelle, Geert, and Yorrick can amplify their skills, automate repetitive tasks, and focus on delivering exceptional value to their clients and organizations.

While writing this blog, AI has significantly simplified my job. I can rely on ChatGPT as a native English writer and request its assistance in reviewing my text.

At icapps, our current focus is understanding the available tools and determining how to implement them safely within our existing processes to enhance efficiency. Simultaneously, we strive to maintain our high-quality standards and ensure no one feels obligated to utilize these tools.