After 3 years as CTO of icapps, Wouter Martens takes a step back from his role to fully focus on his new company, Mr. Watts. This icapps spin-off is specialized in mixed reality development for the Microsoft HoloLens. Jeroen Trappers, a well-known face at icapps, became our new CTO at the beginning of November 2020.

Saying so long but not goodbye

In 2012 Wouter started his career at icapps, he went through a few different roles to eventually take on the CTO position. In this job, Wouter took care of the different product teams and had an important role in the growth process of icapps. He took the lead in innovation tracks and out of one of these tracks grew Mr. Watts. A company he founded together with Niels Leunen, one of the icapps’ founding fathers.

After being in between companies for a while, this year Wouter could finally pass his CTO role to Jeroen Trappers. Jeroen was already on board with icapps in 2012 as an IOS expert and is, without a doubt, the perfect candidate for this position. “We made a very thought out decision when choosing Jeroen as the next CTO. One of the main aspects and non-negotiable was the alignment of our visions. The vision and mission of icapps and how we react to innovation and technology must be consistent, even with a change of CTO.” So Wouter says. And within that vision, Jeroen and Wouter found each other. This makes the handover seamless and ensures the further development of the already established strategy and vision of icapps.

Continuity assured

To ensure continuity within icapps, Wouter and Jeroen worked closely together for several months to guarantee a complete handover. Wouter gave Jeroen insights into the history of some of our partners and clients, into internal processes, and into some specific choices that were made in the past. “For me, this is very important information. This way I can guarantee consistency to both clients, developers, and teams. Our vision is aligned, although I will adjust some small things here and there.” Jeroen Trappers, CTO.

With Mr. Watts, Wouter stays connected to icapps, and as of today, he still acts as a sounding board to Jeroen. “When Jeroen needs my advice, wants to align a vision, or just briefly consult me, I’m always available. We still meet some of our clients together these days.” so Wouter says. Jeroen confirms this and sees it as a big advantage in guaranteeing continuity for our clients. “In this case, we see the ‘positive side’ of the corona, we can just call in into a meeting when necessary” Wouter laughs.

Focus on innovation

Now that Jeroen can fully take on the CTO role, he will put innovation back on top of the agenda. “Wouter set up the innovation tracks at icapps, to support and investigate certain innovative technologies, to test them and eventually implement them. In one of these tracks, they explored Augmented/Mixed Reality which led him to start up Mr. Watts. Sharing knowledge and innovation are still very important topics at icapps and as CTO I gladly take the lead in the further development of already known and new innovative technologies.” thus Jeroen Trappers.

The future of icapps is ensured and the road to innovation has been smoothed. With Jeroen on board as CTO, there are a lot of opportunities awaiting.