Say hello to: William, a Domain lead Machine Learning and AI at icapps.

During this blog series, we highlight one of our colleagues who talks about his or her job at icapps. Find out what their challenges are in their job, how they want to grow in their domain, and get to know them a bit too.

Curious about the blend of technology and creativity that powers Machine Learning and AI? William is here to tell more about his fascinating career path and offer a glimpse into his personal life as well.

William, can you share how you decided to become a developer?

When I was ten and a half years old, I got really annoyed while playing Age of Empires on my brother's computer. The game had a limit that frustrated me. So, I started making my own games to get around this limit. At first, I struggled a lot and failed many times. But I kept trying and learning. That's how I got interested in engineering. Later, I found out that I loved programming games even more. Eventually, I switched to studying New Media & Communication Technologies, where I discovered Flutter and got into programming in general.

And now you’re the Domain Lead for Machine Learning and AI at icapps. How did you find your way into this field?

I've always been drawn to the logical challenges and technological advancements in programming. My curiosity about understanding the mechanisms behind the tools we use led me into the realm of AI and Machine Learning. During my studies, I explored reinforcement learning, which solidified my interest. Despite the theoretical challenges, icapps offered me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge, allowing me to help others understand these complex fields through practical applications and online courses.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your day-to-day job?

Efficiency is my primary focus, leveraging AI tools like co-pilot to maximize code generation and ensure our applications are functional and high-quality. This approach helps us reduce errors and improve our development process.

When do you consider an app to be truly successful?

Seeing someone use our app unknowingly in their daily life is incredibly rewarding. The ultimate success, however, comes from stability and the ability to build upon the app, ensuring it doesn't just work but excels.

Do you have a favorite app?

While I often open Instagram, it's not my favorite. I admire the KBC mobile app's comprehensive functionality and the SDWorks app's efficient design. Both showcase quality and utility.

Faced with a tough choice: Never listen to Hamilton again or stop cycling?

That's tough, but I'd choose to give up cycling. I find joy in teaching children to cycle, so as long as I can still be involved, I'm okay with it. Hamilton is non-negotiable.

Lastly, what is your favorite spot in the office?

Certainly, it’s the dartboard area. It’s not just a game for us; it's one of our top office pastimes, reflecting our friendly atmosphere and offering a break from our hectic routines.