Happy people deliver the best work. If you want your company to thrive it's not just a matter of hiring top-notch employees. You have to make sure people like coming to work, create a great atmosphere, build a real team, a group of people that likes working together. Lots of our team building is done at the office, sharing silly stuff on Slack or kicking each other's ass at foosball. But an essential reason why icapps is such a close-knit group is the team weekend.

Year after year we are looking forward to the icapps team weekend, full of fun, getting to know each other, dancing, laughing, and an occasional beer ;). This year we had to be careful though, cause we had 3 moles in our midst and they were perfectly suited for the job. We didn't manage to unmask all of them, so they won a cheque of €2,500. Not to worry though: the moles still value the team more than their sabotaging role, so all the money will be invested in a new team activity!

Some takeaways from this year's icapps Weekend:

  1. Put 40 colleagues in a big house in the Ardennes and it's bound to be a great party!
  2. The different icapps teams are surprisingly good cooks!
  3. The Ardennes are pretty steep, but a good training for the first icapps Cycling Team tour on the Amstel Gold Race trail

Don't believe a word I'm saying? We got it all on video, enjoy! Like what you see? Maybe you can join us on our next team activity! Have a look at our vacancies.

icapps teamweekend 2016 from icapps on Vimeo.