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Keytrade Bank

Keytrade Bank is a leader in internet banking in Belgium. They focus on designing banking and trading solutions that are innovative, attractive and easy to use. They want their clients to have full control over their own financial affairs at any time, guaranteeing maximum performance at the lowest cost.

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The issue

At the moment, the bank was replacing all credit cards, but had one concern though: after receiving a new card, clients often have a lot of questions. The bank was looking for a way to answer these questions efficiently, while limiting the workload of employees at the contact center.

What we did

A chatbot seemed to be the perfect solution for this problem. Not only did we create a chatbot that is only visible to clients who have already received their new credit card, we also worked closely together to get the copy tuned and the support team trained.

Step by step

Since Keytrade Bank had no previous experience with chatbots, the entire concept had to be fully tested before the rollout to clients. This is why we started with a POC (proof of concept) chatbot that only responded to basic questions about credit cards. This allowed us to test and optimize its main features before we added extra options.

We also preferred to start with a small Dutch speaking target audience, so we could pay attention to every single detail, tweak the chatbot and release it to a larger audience when it is more polished. The chatbot is only visible to clients who - according to the system - have already received their new credit card. It pops up in the app screen where they manage their credit card account.

Less phone calls, more support

For Keytrade Bank - and many other companies - a chatbot has a clear purpose: reducing the number of phone calls and at the same time offering clients more efficient support. Recurring questions are often a burden for people who work at a contact center. A chatbot doesn’t mind having to answer the same question over and over.

New insights

To fully understand the different type of questions the chatbot should be able to answer, we organised workshops with Keytrade Bank. We worked closely together to get the copy tuned and the support team trained. For the development part, we turned to the Oswald technology and platform. As artificial intelligence is included, the chatbot is also getting smarter. The chatbot is not only offering new insights to Keytrade Bank, it is also a huge help for the contact center and a great add-on for its customer support.

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