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Simcor is a staffing company that helps hospitals and care facilities fill the gaps in their talent pool. Helping them with their employee needs for short and long-term contracts. Simcor is currently working on an innovative project called FlexiMed. Fleximed, is an application designed to connect both hospitals in need of experts and professionals seeking job opportunities in the healthcare sector

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The challenge that Simcor faced was a solution that would simplify and streamline the process of connecting freelance healthcare professionals with hospitals. With the growing trend of freelancing in the healthcare industry, Simcor is aiming to create a job website and app, FlexiMed, to make flexible work opportunities more accessible and efficient for both healthcare professionals, such as nurses, radiologists, and hospitals seeking to hire flexible freelancers.

What we did

icapps facilitated a comprehensive two-day blueprint workshop to understand Simcor's vision and goals for FlexiMed. Instead of just coming up with ideas, we worked together using the info Simcor gave us. Subsequently, concepts were created in the form of wireframes and presented iteratively for both the freelancer and hospital sides of the platform.

Blueprint workshop outcome

After hosting a blueprint workshop, Simcor has a clear and detailed vision of what they want to achieve with FlexiMed. This includes a deep understanding of the project's potential and the important features and functionalities needed to make FlexiMed useful and helpful for freelancers and hospitals.

During the workshop, we wrote out all the challenges the hospitals are facing at the moment and how Fleximed can help resolve them and fill in the gaps. After this, we continued with brainstorming exercises in order to find solutions for these challenges. The amount of ideas generated was out of this world. It was really fun to have such a cooperative client who worked along in the process with an open mind. These ideas were prioritized and then turned into simple hand-drawn sketches of what these solutions could look like. Using this information, we set up a plan for the roadmap and the strategy of their digital solution. With this plan in hand, Simcor is well-prepared to start thinking about how they will build their processes and services around the application.

UX and UI design

In order to give the idea more body, we continued with the concept and got to the wireframing phase, where we drew out the user journey and transformed it into simple screens and functionalities that were necessary to fill in the needs of both hospitals and freelancers. This iterative process helped both us and Simcor to think about their processes. After the concept was validated and we knew what we wanted to build, we went on to the next phase of the process.

We developed a small design system based on the branding guidelines and started building UI designs focusing on the hospital side of the application. The designs aim to provide an intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly experience for hospital administrators, ultimately improving the efficiency of the hiring process. Additionally, the goal was to take these designs and an elaborate working prototype on the road in search of investors and gauge the hospitals' interest and feedback, as they are key collaborators in this venture.

This prototype will help Simcor to present a compelling solution to hospitals dealing with the challenges in the healthcare industry. Showing their value and getting validation for their solution.

The objectives:

The primary objectives of developing the FlexiMed prototype include:

  • Creating a user-friendly platform that connects freelance healthcare professionals with hospitals and healthcare facilities.

  • Simplifying the job search and hiring processes for both freelancers and healthcare institutions.

  • Augmenting the accessibility of flexible work opportunities within the healthcare industry.

  • Streamlining the healthcare job market, reducing staffing challenges for hospitals in case of illness or extended absences.

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