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NMBS Flex Abo

NMBS is the National Belgian railway, also known as SNCB in Wallonia, operating daily on a railway network of over 3500 km, and they will bring you to any destination. NMBS offers many subscriptions that fit your lifestyle, from student offerings to the newly introduced hybrid workers subscription. No matter where you're going, NMBS/SNCB can take you there!

  • React
  • Node.js


With the introduction of hybrid working, NMBS/SNCB wanted to offer an alternative to their standard subscription. A few years ago, NMBS tested a similar subscription for two months, for which we also provided a landing page and a calculator. They reinvented their offerings and added a subscription aimed at hybrid workers, optimized for people who only come to the office twice a week. For this, they wanted a website page to promote the new subscription.

What we did

We created a promotional website that introduced a calculator to compare the costs of your itinerary between the standard subscription and the new Flexabo subscription. Additionally, icapps provided an admin portal to enable the customer to update the website content.

The crucial first step

Our collaboration with NMBS started with an exploratory meeting. Given the exact GoLive date, we swiftly recognized the importance of timing, particularly in light of the tight schedule leading up to this date. To provide all deliverables promptly, we set up precise retroactive planning. Once the customer validated the planning, the design phase started, and we encouraged the customer's stakeholders to validate the design after three iterations on fixed dates to ensure we could begin development on time.

      Innovative solutions for timing issues

      Unfortunately, we could not find a fitting time slot for everyone to review the page's design on call, and because of the strict deadlines, waiting was not an option. Hence, we came up with a solution: a recorded demonstration! The page's design was presented and recorded; we talked about why we chose certain design elements and how this would affect NMBS technically. This recording was available for the client to watch at any moment, and we received clear feedback with screenshots of certain elements the client wanted to change. Even though this differs from how we usually roll, it was efficient and a great solution!

      Two Products on one landing page

      For this project, NMBS needed a landing page and an admin portal for its new subscription. The landing page was carefully created according to the needs of hybrid workers, while we developed the admin portal to provide an efficient tool for NMBS to upload files and information to the landing page.

      For NMBS customers, we built an attractive and efficient landing page that included a contact form and a calculator. The calculator allows potential customers to compare the costs of their journey with a flex subscription to a standard subscription. This cost comparison is an efficient and straightforward way to show customers the benefits of a flex subscription when working hybrid.

      For NMBS admins, we created a portal that allows them to upload information on the offered products and price information. Creating this portal was challenging because of the numerous connecting trains and information on the Belgian stations and the distance between them. The platform needed to function with heavy files.


      Thank you! It is always a pleasure working with icapps... your work is reliable, of good quality, and fast.

      Pascal Limon Project Manager at SNCB

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