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Cloud services

Building an application is one thing, but getting it up and running is another. Hosting is an art in itself. There are dozens of PaaS solutions that will take the burden of administering and managing the infrastructure out of your hands. But what if your application scales up or what if your application is just that little bit more special and it doesn’t fit in the default building blocks a PaaS provider offers? That’s where our Cloud Services come in.

With our first-class knowledge of Amazon Web Services, we can guide you through the complex task of customized architectures that will fit your application desires.

backend and cloud development

Backend & Cloud

Software isn’t an autonomous entity but we may come close to that. We can deliver fine-grained CI/CD setups to keep your applications lifecycle process oiled, and almost autonomous. Our team has all Dev(Sec)Ops knowledge you need to keep your application moving along with your needs.

Fast, reliable, and secure. It’s the perfect scenario of having resources for both backend and cloud at your disposal.

Cloud services  amazon web services

Amazon Web Services

We are able to fully provide and consult you with:

  • Networking: VPC, Gateways, Site-to-site, Route 53
  • Storage: S3, EBS, EFS
  • Containers: EKS, kubernetes
  • Hosting: EC2, Elastic Beanstalk
  • Databases: RDS, Aurora, DocumentDB
  • Caching: ElastiCache, CloudFront
  • Serverless: Lambda, API Gateway, SQS, SNS

cloud providers we work with like amazon cloud

Cloud Providers

Though Amazon is currently the biggest cloud provider, we understand your need for other cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform or Azure.

Therefore we can consult, support, and assist you in your development track with other providers as well.

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