Energy Management Applications

Being an environmentally conscious company isn't just about being on-trend. Customers demand that companies do their part of the bidding when it comes to climate change. Those same customers also want to be informed about their own efforts, and possible improvements. Companies are looking for Energy Management solutions, but can't seem to find the right tool, tailored to their business needs. Regarding climate change and taking your environmental responsibility, where do you start?

At icapps, we are a firm believer that technology will be the ultimate gamechanger. We create custom Energy Management solutions tailored to your business requirements. Whether you want to offer your customer insight into their carbon footprint, want to manage your business's own energy management to reduce tax and costs, icapps is the right digital partner to help you towards more insight and a better environment.

What could a Custom Energy management Application entail?

Options with Custom made Energy management Software are endless. We can develop the right solution, based on what you would like to offer your clients, or based on how you want to manage your Energy.

What we often see in Energy management applications:

  • Energy Analytics
  • Data visualization and optimization
  • Safe and secure environment. You don't share your platform with 1000 other clients. You have your own environment application specifically made for you
  • Connection to IoT and smart devices
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Seamless integration with your current software solutions. No dependency on third parties because we integrate your customer portal with your current platforms to create smooth and seamless processes
  • Options for Solar app possibilities


Building your own custom-made energy management application, tailored to your specific needs, we have a wide range of options depending on your wishes.

In order to fully understand the needs of your business, we've created 3 phases to make sure you get the best service.

Within the first phase we'll start of with Digital Product Strategy. During research and workshops our Digital Strategists will uncover your business' specific needs. Our UX and UI design team will make a user-friendly design. Afterwards, we will start developyour energy management application. From web application to mobile app or both.

Even after your new planning app is live you can count on icapps. We've created 3 care packages to support you and your team afterward.

As you can see we offer you a tailor-made service. In order to do this, we have a flexible pricing structure, custom-made for your business.

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