Friday, September 23, 2022

Who joined?

We've invited some of our favorite gamers to join this LAN Party. Can you beat them?

Joaquim Blaze

Joaquim has been a content creator since 2012 and active on twitch since 2015. Nowadays, he streams F1 22, Shooter - and community games, and is part of the Content Creator team of KV Mechelen Esports.


Livestreamer, presenter, and actor with the humor of a small child and the ego of a big child. (his words)

Mr Dezz

A Belgian streamer, gamer & twitch partner! A movie fanatic, Star Wars enthusiast, and all-time joker!


A 33 years old Belgian streamer. In the distant past CoD4 player for LowLandLions. Nowadays a content creator for LowLandLions.

Thank you for joining our very first icapps LAN Party

See you next year!