Measurement Plan Template

OKR Framework

Geert De Laet

Here's how you make use of this template for setting your OKR's:

  • Set clear objectives: Your objectives should be inspiring and challenging. They represent the "what" you want to achieve and should resonate with your overall mission and strategy. Be aware of any other objectives or initiatives it might depend on!

  • Define measurable key results: Key results are the quantifiable, specific outcomes that indicate progress toward your objective. Each key result should have a measurable target and a timing by which it should be reached.

  • Track Progress: Regularly update the progress. This ensures that you're on track to meet your goals.

  • Iterate and Adapt: OKRs are not set in stone. As the landscape changes or we learn more, adjust and refine your OKRs to stay aligned with your evolving priorities.

Remember, OKRs are not just about hitting targets but about continuous improvement, collaboration, and collective success.

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