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We care about the world around us

We want to think outside the icapps' offices. We want to positively impact things like poverty, well-being, equal opportunity, education, environment, etc. The goal of this strategic pillar is to decrease our negative impact and increase our positive impact. We will set up through small and bigger actions and initiatives over the years.

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Go electric or go home

Just kidding... or are we? Our proactive approach includes a mobility budget for eco-friendly options like trains, buses, and bicycles, leading to a notable increase in electric vehicle adoption and positive changes in our car orders.

Planting trees

Employees can receive a tree on birthdays, and work anniversaries instead of vouchers. Our "Moja" forest in Tanzania is booming, and every new hire gets a free tree. It's a win-win for us and the planet!
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Go Forest

We've partnered with Go Forest, a leading Belgian organization dedicated to reforestation. Planting 2,349 trees with them helps offset around 469.8 tons of CO2. While this collaboration is part of our holistic sustainability approach, it's not our main objective. It's a significant step in reducing our carbon footprint
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Fair and sustainable coffee

Once hooked on Nespresso, we've made a shift to a new chapter. Now, we're proudly investing in locally sourced, environmentally friendly coffee and machine!

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark as our guide

In the FFBB everything is connected, and neglecting or forgetting a piece of the puzzle is impossible. The FFBB translates the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into a business context. The most essential concepts in this framework are Break-Even Goals and Positive Pursuits. Both are based on the same eight components of a future-proof society. But there is a significant difference.

Read our charter on the future fit page!

Break-even goals

Describes the goals you need to meet to stop doing bad. Because doing less bad doesn't mean you're already doing good. So you must first eliminate your negative impact.

Positive persuits

Describes goals you can strive for to do good. With this kind of initiative, you really have positive impact.

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