From passion to expertise

Driven by a deep-seated passion for Cloud technology, Cyrille embraced the opportunity to become the Domain Lead for Cloud. "I believe I have the right knowledge and experience to transfer this passion to others," he shares. Recognizing a growing interest and myriad questions about Cloud technology within icapps, Cyrille felt compelled to make a meaningful impact. "My choice for this role was therefore quickly made!"

Staying ahead of the curve

Staying updated is crucial in the fast-evolving Cloud technology. Cyrille ensures he remains at the forefront by actively engaging in daily cloud-related tasks, attending networking events, and participating in conferences. Additionally, he commits to ongoing education through relevant courses and certifications, a testament to his dedication to continuous learning.

Certified expertise

Cyrille is a certified AWS Solution Architect, a credential he pursued through The Campus, an apprenticeship company within Cronos. Reflecting on this journey, he says, "I took the AWS-related course in November, which included the exam. It was a six-month track of rigorous learning and self-study, but it assured my knowledge of AWS."

Delivering value to clients

"Customers can immediately see that icapps has a certain amount of knowledge about AWS," Cyrille explains. The certification serves as tangible proof of expertise, beyond just some claims. "We can demonstrate to the customer that we really have the right knowledge. We can think along because we indeed have an AWS Solution Architect with us."

Cyrille’s journey from a Cloud enthusiast to a Domain Lead at icapps underscores the importance of passion, continuous learning, and certification in mastering Cloud technology!

The importance of a good Cloud setup

Almost all the apps we make involve the Cloud in some way. Sometimes, this involvement is minimal, but increasingly, there are very diverse ecosystems behind them. There are also increasingly cloud-native integrations in between. We have to be able to support our customers with that. A well-architected cloud setup is crucial for this support.

Vision for the expansion of Cloud at icapps

icapps must remain that reliable digital partner for our clients. With our Cloud knowledge, we can further deepen our range of services, helping and supporting our customers better and better in their business. This is only possible with a well-thought-out architecture. Security and cost efficiency are extremely important today, topics that were discussed extensively in the exam. We cannot ignore these factors as we expand our Cloud capabilities.